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This pedigree has been made by one of my grandfather's brothers, my father has said, but he couldn't remember which one.

Dad thought that the primary reason for this at the time (the late 1930ies) was to show to the national socialists, who were coming into power, that there had been no "unwanted", that is, jewish, marriage in the past of the family.
So, if anyone cares enough to verfiy the whole thing, feel free to do so.

Also, it does not mention earlier incidents where our family name popped up in sources outside of Tirol, namely a document "Ursprung des Regensburgischen Hansgrafen-Amtes" (Origin of the Hansgrafen-Amt in Regensburg), which names one Richero de Marchperg as attending a day of court in mid-11th century, among other notables (this is a clear indication that Richero was a person of some political weight, probably a ministeriale, or lower noble. More research would be necessary).
Then there is a mentioning in the book of vassals of the styrian branch of house Lichtenstein, where a Marchperger is named as having a manor/farm south of Stainach Irdning, where indeed there is a Marbergerweg leading up the "Gatschberg" (verbally: "Mud-Mountain") from 1248.
And there are a number of other occasions where the name pops up pre-15th century, which are not solvable via Google at this point of time, so digging through Archives in those matters should get results, if anyone had the time :)

Also notable: In the book of tyrolean nobility the family is not entered with the signet shown here, but a different one (Mom has got the page, have to get it, and make a picture).
There we're noted as Barons, in the original usually "Freiherr", which would fit the positions of various family members in military and government (as it was).
More details would obviously be welcome.

But to the predigree: It's focused on the Tyrolean Branch, missing out on the German one (where one very notable Marberger wrote an important book on mercantilism.. I'll link the title later), and of course the Americans.
And it ends with my great-grandfather's generation, so to my best knowledge noone has personal memory of any of the people on the pedigree, only stories.
I'll do my best to add the information as I find it, but as already mentioned, in a section for registered family members.

That is to say: Many members of this, well, tribe, do very cool stuff. Would be cool to keep track of each other.

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Dear Family, dear Relatives, dear cousins once, thrice, and twenty times removed!

Since I recently realized that the family domain is available, I thought that this would be a good moment to grab it, and do a collection of all of the stuff that is lying around about family and pedigree.
Currently there are 3 branches of the family that I know of, namely the Tyrolean one, the German branch, and the US branch.

Several families closely related, but with changed surname (marriage I hope, not flight through renaming :D ), which I will strive to add, in time.

If you know something, or would like to lend a hand: Very welcome!

However: Information on living relatives will only be available to family members, that is, only visible if you're logged in.
If you want acces, drop me a note, but, kindly, give me some indication of how you're related, so we can keep this in the family.
In time, maybe, we can add enough information that we can keep track of the family, and who knows, maybe some reconnecting can be done.

Language: Since everyone will be able to speak English, but not everyone can be expected to have won the wrestling match with German, I propose to use that as a general language.

Questions / proposals:
Anytime, you can find me on the major social media platforms, or via Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots gesch├╝tzt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! (there is a Jakob Marberger in the US, so we don't mix that up :) )

Looking forward to hearing from you,

ps. Template when I find time. ;)